Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have time to enjoy yourself and spend the majority of your day smiling. We have friends coming into to town but I am planning to go on a short hike with the kids followed by an arts and crafts project that will provide me with something fun from them. When I told B about Mother's Day he asked if he could get a present. I told him it was a day about me and he replied, "that's not fun. we didn't do that last year." More on our struggles another day. Tomorrow I will be focused on smiling, and cleaning before our guests arrive...

Here are a few ideas for Mother's Day (or any day).

Send your friends (or yourself) virtual flowers. They're pretty, make you smile, and don't require any additional attention.

Check out the Human Touch anti-gravity massage chair. You can try one out at a dealer near you.

Order a few meals for yourself. Check out Home Bistro.

Spa Finder, Inc Find a Spa near you and treat yourself to some deserved pampering.

Gaiam.com, IncCheck out some of Gaiam Best Sellers. From yoga, meditation, and pilates DVDs to mats and organic clothing everything about Gaiam makes me think I'm doing something good for myself.

Apple iTunesGive yourself some music that makes you happy. For some reason, "I will survive" always comes to mind.

Sephora.com, Inc.There's also lots of fun products from Sephora to sample.

Ice.com, Ice, jewelry, diamonds, ring, rings, necklace, necklaces, pendant, pendants, discount, saleThere's always jewelry.

Oriental Trading Company, Inc.And let's not forget the joy of a little quiet while the kids work on a project...

Mother's Day joy

I had a very joyous Mother's Day! My husband was home from a big trip, my daughter was full of good spirit and my own Mother came over and spent the day with us. I even received an amazing bouquet of flowers from my in-laws! As a newer Mom, I have found that there are very few moments that are all about me so I really enjoy those few times that are.....So, this evening as I write this, I have on my new shearling slippers I so wanted (compliments of my husband) and will relax with my husband as an amzing Spring day comes to an end. Happy Mother's Day!!

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