The stomach flu - a slightly different version of what we had last year

There is a horrible stomach flu going around that has put several adults from our daycare into the hospital for IV fluids. Knowing this I became nervous during a meeting when I felt the need to vomit. Since I knew I wasn't pregnant, I could only blame the overexertion from biking or the stomach flu. Within two hours of my initial trip back to morning sickness, I was lying on the floor in my office trying to find the strength to reach for the phone...

The Pocket Physicist picked me up and took me home. I crawled into bed and didn't get up for 19 hours. You know you're a lucky parent when your spouse lets you sleep through an illness. I really felt for Lynette (the most recent episode of Desperate Housewives) when she was telling Tom about how she took the kids trick-or-treating even though she had a fever of 104 degrees.

My path to feeling better involved lots of Gatorade, Trader Joe's oyster crackers, and Annie's Mac and Cheese (with margarine and salt instead of the cheese). If you haven't had the oyster crackers, I recommend them for healthy kids too. Both kids ate crackers with me in bed. It looked like a race to see which one could shove more crackers into their mouths. They were so cute and I was too tired to do anything except silently hope they didn't get sick too.

We thought we had already dealt with the stomach flu when B was sick in San Diego. He really didn't like being sick. It's interesting how kids deal with illness as they gain an understanding of their bodies. We spent about 15 minutes in the bathroom with B talking about how he had been sick before and would be well again soon. Then we paid for a movie in our hotel room and watched until it was time for B to go to sleep. I hope the kids don't get this strain of the stomach flu but I'm stocking up on juice, crackers, pasta, and a new DVD just-in-case.

For the post on our last stomach flu see Applesause for diarrhea, apple juice for constipation, and why the Kelty jogger shouldn't be barfed on. I still haven't put the jogger back together.

stomach flu

how long did this last? because this is the first day that i've felt
better in a couple days.

couple of days

Mine lasted for a couple of days. I think I had 24 hours of feeling really bad and then a few days of feeling drained. Hope you continue to feel better.

vector to another city after three and a half weeks!

My son (same flu) gave it to me immediately after I returned from a long work trip. I was TKO for four days, since my husband didn't think I needed IV fluids, despite my constant claims that I was dying. I traveled with my son three and a half weeks later. After seeing a friend for dinner, two days later she had to go get IV fluids. His grandmother got sick as well (not as bad). How can that be, is it a super virus? Could it really be coincidence? I think not. We're in for the bird flu, big time. get your shots if you can...

And I HAVE to be at work (early this week too!)

I'm feeling nauseated and sick. I keep yawning. No diarhea or throwing up. Stomach hurts. Weirdest stomach flu I've ever had.

Your symptoms sound like

Your symptoms sound like pregnancy to me!

stomach flu with stomach pain

My 12 year old son has had a stomach flu/illness for 3 days now and is complaining of stomach pain. His vomiting and diarreah stopped yesterday but it is hard for him to eat because of the stomach pain.
I've given him fluids, soup, crackers, jello the last 2 days and still his stomach hurts. He has been passing gas but it does not seem to relieve the pain. Any ideas? He has missed 3 days of school and I want him to go back to school!


So sorry to hear about the stomach pain and missing school. I'd recommend checking in with your doctor. Our son felt sick for a while and our doctor said that lots of kids in our area had the same thing. Maybe I just like the feedback but it's nice to know that a child is sick, but not too sick, when you have to stay home.

On a different note, I had stomachaches every day during math and all the nurse could figure out was that I didn't like math. I remember being very frustrated that she didn't believe me.


I too have this awful stomach flu. I work in a day care and while at work I felt as though I was going to pass out. Five minutes before I felt perfectly normal. Just had a few little pains, but that fast I had to run to the bathroom! Oh my have been sick for about two days now. Its more like pains in your stomach, throwing up along with it. Everybody wash your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never felt this bad.

sick for a week

i've had the same thing all week, it started last week and i thought it was food poisoning but then the diarreaha and naucious feeling came back last night along with the stomach pains, i had to crawl from the bathroom to my bed my stomach hurt so back i couldn't even stand, my 2 kids have been dealing with off and on diarreaha, and cold symptoms for a week now and my fiance has had a cough and cold for the same amount of time, FUN HOUSEHOLD!!!!!!!

worst stomach flu ever/34yr old female

I've been sick for 4 solid days with this. Started with stomach cramping and gas pains. Then waves of nausea and throwing up. Haven't thrown up in 1 day but fever, body aches and severe cramping persist. Worst flu I ever had. If I still had an appendix, I would swear it was infected!!

This stomach flu seems to be

This stomach flu seems to be a serious thing, I never experienced it although I admit I do have stomach problems, more exactly stomach acid problems. My doctor prescribes me nexium, he says it's recommendable for stomach problems and it's used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease, stomach flu could also be treated with this medicine.

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