Kirkland (Costco) brand diapers replace Pampers

It appears that Costco no longer sells Pampers diapers. For what now seems like a short period of time, you could buy boxes of Pampers Cruisers in sizes 3, 4, or 5 for $29.99. The size 3 box has 148 diapers each with a Sesame Street character on the front and Elmo & Zoe on the back. I found early on with our first boy that the Pampers diapers worked better for us (didn't leak) than Huggies diapers. The Pampers Baby Dry diapers, unfortunately, had a strong smell I didn't like so we used the swaddlers and cruisers prior to using pull-ups (both Pampers and Huggies). Many of my friends with girls found that Huggies worked better for them than Pampers. So after my limited foray into diaper research, I was concerned that the diapers I liked were no longer available...

Yesterday I bought the Kirkland brand size 3 diapers. The box contains 184 diapers for $29.99, so they are more cost effective than the Pampers. The diapers all have the same animal on them -- no more using all the Elmo diapers first. My almost one-year old has been wearing them for 24 hours and they appear to work well. Now that I've solved my temporary diaper problem, I have to figure out what to do about his new ability to climb his brother's step stool to play in the kitchen sink.

The Kirkland diapers leak like Huggies

After a month of using the Kirkland diapers, we've switched back to Pampers. The The bottom line article in Costco magazine talks about all of the engineering that went into the diapers to prevent leaks. It still appears that when our son sits in his highchair (reclining seat) the diapers gap near the inside of the leg. He has also leaked at night in his crib. My new plan is to order the Pampers Economy Pack from Amazon.


I, too, have been sad at Costco's choice not to carry Pampers diapers anymore. After five years of buying the super-size box of Pampers (for $29.99) at Costco, I'm in withdrawal. My reluctance to try the Kirkland brand seems validated by your experience, HMM. I'm wondering if anyone can compare the price of Pampers Cruisers at Target vs. Amazon. I have generally found them to be the least expensive at Target (after Costco), but don't know how the box sizes compare.

Pampers in the smaller deceiving box

The last time I bought Pampers at Target they had just introduced a new box size that was smaller. It was deceiving because it was close in size to the big box but appeared less cost-efficient. I'll have to get back to you on the price and number of diapers but I was concerned that Target was not going to carry the big box anymore (the 124 count size 4 Cruisers, for example).

Pampers - Amazon is cheaper than Target

I did a comparison and posted it as an article, Pampers: Amazon vs. Target, but forgot to link to it. I found Amazon to be more cost efficient, especially if you have free shipping. The prices are included in the article.


Thanks for being the beta tester on this one.

Costco wipes issue too!

No problem. I really liked the animal on the diapers and was hoping they would work. The Costco article also mentioned that the wipes were going to change. "...upgraded to an eight-pack of 88 wipes each, and embossed graphics have been added for better 'cleanup' power." The current wipes, which we find perfect the way they are, are packaged with 96 per container. I don't like Huggies wipes. The "quilted" design does nothing for us.

ps Thanks to Jeremy on for pointing out the wipes change.

Pampers vs Kirkland brand

I've been using the kirkland brand size 3 diapers since Costco stopped selling Pampers. Mostly it works okay.

Couple of complaints ...
Sometimes, when I tug too hard at the straps, while putting them on my son, I've managed to tear them.

My son is about 23 lbs now, close to the 25 lb limit for the size 3 diapers. Three times, he had a diaper leak overnight last week. Maybe I need to use a size 4 diaper at night?

Wonder which company they are teaming with, to make these diapers?

Kirkland Diapers

I have a 24lb. 13 month old son, and he's been using Kirkland Diapers since they arrived at Costco. We love them! We haven't had any leaks or blow outs. Not one of the velcro tabs have ever torn. He wears these diapers day and night and he is a real wetter. We love it when Costco sends us coupons for these. We also have not had problems with Pampers or Huggies, they are just more expensive, so we only buy them when they are on sale or have coupons if they beat the price of the Kirklands. Our son wears size 4, because I like him to have the extra space around his chunky legs and waist. After spending about $13 for the big box of wipes, I started making my own wipes for a fraction of the cost with aloe vera gel and water in a squirt bottle, and half a role of Bounty paper towels. My baby's bottom is rash free.

Kirkland diapers suck! My

Kirkland diapers suck! My 18 lb 7 month old son wears the size 3 diapers. We switched to the kirkland when costco stopped carrying the swadddlers - we miss the pampers!

The kirkland diapers leak, they're bulky, and several times, the tabs have ripped in my hand before i even used the diaper!

Bad choice costco!

We love the kirkland

We love the kirkland diapers..hope they will start making larger sizes beyond size 5!!

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